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Combat-laden 'Guild Wars' aims to take the cost, time out of online gaming
Waterloo Cedar-Falls Courier - 46 minutes ago
The biggest drawback to today's massively multiplayer online games: They consume WAY too much time. These virtual worlds have always demanded a cultish devotion to playing hours on end. It's the only real way to gain greater powers and equipment.

George Lucas, Computer Graphics Technology Draw More Than 29,000 to Los Angeles - Aug 05 7:30 AM
Los Angeles - LOS ANGELES -- SIGGRAPH 2005, the 32nd conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques, attracted 29,122 artists, research scientists, developers, and academics from 81 countries to Los Angeles this week. More than 250 companies exhibited, including 65 for the first-time, covering more than 70,000 net square feet of space.

New pay service creates online gaming arena
Miami Herald - Aug 06 11:55 AM
GameSpot, one of the most popular Web sites for video game enthusiasts, has started a new subscription online service where hard-core gamers can battle each other in the most popular online computer games.


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