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Bush: U.S. to Stay in Iraq Despite Deaths
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SyncCast and Mix& Burn Announce Digital Download Music Kiosk; Music Kiosks Become Digital Download Filling St
Mix& Burn, a leading distributor of digital music via the Music Tablet(TM) in-store kiosk, has integrated SyncCast's kiosk solution.

Web Site Reviews: Google (Forbes) Google is on top of the search heap for three reasons: Simplicity, speed and smart features. Click on Advanced Search, for example, and you have the ability to find Web sites similar to one you already know about. and'pizza,'for example, to get a graphical view of all the pizzerias in your neighborhood.BEST: Download the Google

Hiroshima Survivor Recalls Day Atomic Bomb Was Dropped
It was the first of 2 U.S. nuclear attacks on Japan that hastened the end of World War II and set the stage for the post-war nuclear arms race. In 1945, Tomiko Morimoto was a 13-year-old schoolgirl. 2005 Adam Phillips report -- download (mp3 2320KB) Adam Phillips report -- download (real audio 788KB) Listen

Google fixes flaw in Desktop download
By installing Google Desktop Search software, does one create a security vulnerability in terms of Google or others gaining access to the contents of your computer?

Ridge Racer Heads Online
Ridge Racer Heads Online It's not only a launch game, but it's decked out over Xbox Live. Mode onto Xbox Live's persistent Leader Board and make ghost data available for others to download and race against.

If we buy it, it will come
August 5, 2005 : Change text size EDITORIAL we buy it, it will come SOMETIMES THE ONLY WAY to find out if a technology works is to try it. And the only way to see if it is profitable is to try to sell it. to the original Napster and Kazaa, which millions have used to download bootlegged copies of movies and music network will allow users to download many small bits of the files

Dawn of a New Age
Dawn of a New AgeCode Age is an ambitious, multi-platform experiment in gaming. will expand upon the story as an online action game that Japanese cell phone users can download the game later this year

Rules eased for DSL companies
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Regulators said Friday that Internet services provided by Verizon Communications and other local telephone companies will no longer have to follow traditional telephone rules. DSL is seen as attractive because it is cheaper, but it offers slower data download speeds than cable service


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